DCOM Notes and All Content Syllabus year (2010-2017) - CTEVT COURSE


The Diploma in Computer Science offered by the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training( CTEVT) in Nepal is a technical and vocational education and training program that aims to give students the knowledge and chops demanded to work in the field of computer wisdom.

 The course generally covers a range of motifs, including programming languages analogous as C, C+, and Java, as well as computer systems and networking, databases, and software engineering. students may also learn about web development, data structures, algorithms, and other motifs that are applicable to the field of computer science & engineering.

 The duration of the Diploma in Computer Science program at CTEVT is generally three times, and it may be offered at various technical and vocational sodalities and institutes combined with CTEVT in Nepal. Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded a diploma instrument and may be eligible to seek employment or further education in the field of computer science & engineering.

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