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About Diploma in Computer Engineering

The Diploma in Computer Engineering program offered by CTEVT in Nepal is designed to give students with a solid foundation in the principles and practices of computer wisdom. The course covers a wide range of motifs, including programming languages, computer systems and networking, databases, software engineering, and other applicable areas.


 During the program, students will learn how to design, apply, and test software operations using a variety of programming languages and tools. They will also gain an understanding of computer systems and networks, and learn how to work with databases to store, recoup, and manipulate data.

In addition to specialized chops, the Diploma in Computer Science program also aims to develop students' problem-working and critical-thinking capacities, as well as their communication and cooperation chops. These chops are essential for success in the field of computer wisdom and are largely valued by employers.


 Upon completion of the program, students are awarded a parchment instrument and may be eligible for employment or farther education in the field of computer wisdom. They may also be suitable to pursue advanced education in affiliated fields, similar as computer engineering or information technology.

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  1. I want 2023 note for first semester in computer engineering